The benefits of seniors gardeningIf you're up in years and/or you're finding it slightly harder to get around, or maybe you are recovering from an illness or injury, it can be difficult to find low impact activities that are not only fun but also useful.

Through a bit of digging, yes, pun intended, we have found one of the most enjoyable and healthy activities that seniors can practice: Gardening.

By getting out into the sunshine and being active for at least 2.5 hours a week, seniors can reduce their risk for a number of health issues, improve depression symptoms and reduce social isolation.

Here are five seniors gardening tips to start your gardening journey:

  1. Make the Garden Accessible: It is difficult for anyone, let alone seniors, to be down on their knees in the garden for too long so when designing your space make sure to adjust planting to suit your needs. Try raised beds that are more easily accessible or tap into the new trend of vertical gardening.
  2. Support your Back: One of the areas that can become the most stiff while you are hunched over digging or weeding is your back. Lessen the burden and wear a good back support. Of course we suggest a BioMagnetic Back Support so you get magnetic therapy even while you garden.
  3. Protect your Knees: You will inevitably end up on your knees in the garden but really, that is half the fun of gardening isn't it? Getting down in the dirt! Pick yourself up a pair of inexpensive knee pads or a Garden Knee Guard (Only $4 at Bunnings).
  4. Have a Garden Party: If you find your garden getting away from you or there are a few things you can't seem to achieve by yourself, invite friends and family to help you. And when harvest time rolls around share in the fruits of your labor by inviting them over to sample the goods. You can even get an inexpensive kids gardening set for when those little visitors come to help.
  5. Get a Jump On it: Especially during the summer months in Australia, get out into the garden early to avoid overheating and dehydration. You'll find you have more energy and can get more accomplished if you beat the heat.

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