Is the pain of your arthritis keeping you out of the garden? Learn how to keep gardening with arthritis, don't let that pain keep you from exercising your green thumb.
 Magnetic Therapy While GardeningTo an avid gardener, the development of or constant battling of arthritis pain can be nothing less than deterring at best.

Fortunately there are ways to modify your gardening techniques and habits to get you back into the dirt and enjoying the sunshine.

5 Tips for Gardening with Arthritis

  1. Buy Arthritis Friendly Tools:  There are many brands on the market that design arthritis friendly products, look for the stamp of approval from Arthritis Australia when purchasing. If you don't want to or are unable to replace old tools, try tightly wrapping pip insulation around your handles to make them easier to grip and hold.
  2. Water Wisely: Make it easy to water your garden by laying soaker hoses throughout instead of lugging garden hoses or watering cans each time.
  3. Wear Magnetic Joint Supports: Use the BioMagnetic Joint Supports to give you the extra support while you work or use for recovery afterwards. The magnets may reduce pain in the joints by increasing blood flow.
  4. Take Breaks: Most people with arthritis have flare ups every 45 minutes to an hour if they are working on the same motion. Take plenty of time outs, get a glass of water and try a different task before coming back to that motion. It can be frustrating not to finish one project before moving onto the next but set yourself a plan of action before beginning to keep yourself on track and from getting frustrated.
  5. Loosen Up: Before and after you begin gardening make sure to stretch, this will help with your pain during and after the activity and will hopefully allow you to work longer in the garden.

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