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Bio Magnetic Sports are a leading supplier of Magnetic Therapy Products. 

Bio Magnetic Sports products are a non invasive needle and drug free alternative to assist in the relief of pain associated with muscle, ligament, arthritis and back pain. The flexible yet firm design offers support and comfort whilst delivering the amazing benefits of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy is one of the safest natural forces in the world and has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a diverse range of conditions. Our Bio Magnetic wraps and supports are embedded with 1000+ gauss therapeutic magnets which aid the human body by assisting with the maintenance of peripheral circulation increasing oxygen to the affected area. This allows the body to follow its natural healing process, which most agree is the ideal way of recovery. Find out more about magnetic therapy and research findings here.

From office to warehouse Bio Magnetic Sports is a family run business.

David Barton, his wife Kaylene and their two sons are the family behind the Bio Magnetic Sports brand. David and Kaylene have officially retired from BioMagnetic Sports however they are still a major part of the business as they both continue to consult and advise their sons as the brand grows and develops. From humble beginnings to the extensive and affordable range available today the Barton family have been committed to providing a high quality product and service to their customers.

In 2006 David discovered the BioMagnetic Sport brand and decided he had to be a part of it’s future. With a comprehensive and extensive range that could help many Australians he knew it had great potential. He has built BioSport into what it is today and looks forward to bringing you cutting edge magnetic therapy supports for years to come.

The Bio Magnetic Sport journey began with Australian professional grand prix motorcycle rider, Craig Trinder and a terrible accident that left him in severe pain.

That crash in his late teens marked the beginning of a fascinating journey that led him to the discovery of a number of outstanding natural therapies used by traditional natural therapists for centuries.

After endless research and extensive planning in 1997 Craig came out with his first BioMagnetic products and the magnetic brand has continued to grow ever since. David has taken on Craig’s journey and will continue to learn more and push the boundaries of magnetic therapy and what it can do for our customers.


I have been wearing the BioMagnetic Reflex Gloves 5 days a week whilst I am at working, and whenever I am driving. I have worn my last pair out (there are holes in the palms of them and yet I still wear them) as they give me some relief. My doctor (who has been practicing for nearly 50 years is amazed that I no longer get injections or acupuncture to help with the pain. Thanks to Biosport Reflex Gloves I have been able to work pain free, able to drive distances without having to massage my hand. And now I will always make sure I have a spare pair of gloves in my house so that I am never without again.
I just want to let you know how much my BioSport wrist support has helped, five weeks ago I was living on at least 4-5 pain killers a day since a mate bought me the wrist support I haven`t even taken one. Thanks.
My Son wears the magnetic insoles in his work shoes, he was wearing other innersoles prior to this. He was going to the snow and had taken out the insoles in his work shoes and placed them in his snow boots for added comfort. (this means he trusts BioSport) I needed to purchase the additional insoles for his work shoes for replacements  and in the meantime  had placed his previous insoles in the shoes and told me he was tight in the ham strings and lower back area. Although he still has the lower back pain caused by the tight hamstrings it definitely is reduced and not so frequents since wearing the magnetic insoles. My son is not a gimmick person, we have tried numerous things and spent a large amount of money try to get relief for him. This product he believes is helping him somewhat.
I wear a Magnetic Wrist Support on a permanent basis. The extra magnets sewn into the support have enabled me to play sport after my wrist injury with a quicker recovery time.
I use the sports band. I suffered from pins and needles in my left arm, waking up three to four times a night.  Since using the Therapy Band, no more pins and needles. I've been using it for six months now.
Noosa, Queensland

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